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    The mission of Rand Enterprises is to provide support services to

    disseminate quality information and research contents from every

    field of science to promote institutional and individual’s growth.

About Us

It’s good to introduce “Rand Enterprises” which was established in 2017. It is multi Services Company based at Islamabad Pakistan. The mission of Rand Enterprises is to provide support services to disseminate quality information and research contents from every field of science to promote institutional and individual’s growth.

The main objective of rand enterprises is to provide multi services under one roof. There is team of professionals from different fields who came together for organization development and motivated to accomplish its mission through developing informational technology processes, software and providing platform to process and share scientific information with the world.

Quality is not only the factor which proves the competency, there are others like factors involved like time management, integrity, market knowledge and cost efficiency as well. Rand Enterprises are in cope with all parameters and believe in keeping satisfaction of customer in all aspects.

Improtent Updates

- Rand Enterprises is a Registered Company at SECP

- Rand Enterprises is Registered in FBR



The Rand Enterprises recognizes and anticipates the needs of authors, reviewers, readers and that’s why trying to provide the highest quality of scholarly contents and services. Rand Publications also invite editors from different scientific discipline to run and manage journals and compensate them for their time and effort in managing the journal.


Open Journal Manager (OJM) is online editorial management system, was designed by Rand Enterprises in 2018. Its main objective is to provide user friendly technical infrastructure for article submission, article review processes and editorial management workflow before the article publication. Visit the website for more details.


Rand Information Technology services are provided by expert professionals whose mission is to provide best possible services with consistency, customized to the special needs of each facility. The services are software development, web development and designing, project management, system analysis and design, programming, outsourcing of IT and telecommunication services.


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Privacy Policy

Rand Enterprises (RE) is dedicated to protect the privacy of its clients and consumers. Rand Enterprises (RE) recognizes the concentration of its clients in maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information records. Rand Enterprises (RE) is only concerned with the maintenance of personal information that is significant to Rand Enterprises (RE) activities and seeks to maintain accuracy, upgrade and complete information well timed.

It is significant for Rand Enterprises (RE) to secure the personal information of its clients. With the help of technical, administrative and physical safeguards Rand Enterprises (RE) is able to maintain all the data and protect against misuse, modification, unauthorized access, and improper disclosure. It is not possible to protect every computer system or information from every possible hazard.

Databases that are maintained by Rand Enterprises (RE) consist of mailing, billing, client profile information, every member contributions and every client services utility. Rand Enterprises (RE) also maintains databases for all activities like registrations of conferences and clients and members services utilities. Only Rand Enterprises (RE) staff members are authorized to approach these databases to process and maintain mail invoices, orders, announcements, notifications, purchase, respond to inquiries which help us to improve our services.

Only on response to valid legal process Rand Enterprises (RE) will disclose any personal information. This includes a search warrant, subpoena, or court order. It is also appropriate to disclose information to protect Rand Enterprises (RE) legal rights and during emergencies or if physical safety would be at risk. It is unlikely to make disclosure possible.

Personal profiles of Rand Enterprises (RE) client are collected and shared time to time with outside contractors, consultants, auditors and others hired by Rand Enterprises (RE) to assist in carrying out operational and financial activities. Rand Enterprises (RE) informs recipients about protecting personal information and guided them to use it for specific purposes in consistent with privacy policy and to destroy it or return it after the task completion.

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